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Love Songs to God • Ladd Bogdonoff: WHAT LISTENERS ARE SAYING

Dear Ladd,
 Merry Christmas... I hope your trip to volunteer at the orphanage in India has been wonderful thus far. I love my new skylights and they're watertight!   I listened to your new CD, THE GRACE OF THE LORD...  Wow, it's terrific!   You have a lovely voice and the songs flowed effortlessly.  Thank you for this wonderful gift!
All the best this coming year.

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Dear Ladd,
I was delighted to find your (new) CD in the bookstore in Prashanti as I remember the songs on the cassette "Love songs to God, Vol. 1" which you recorded many years ago. I really appreciate your songs and the arrangements. Being a musician myself ( classical flautist and singer) I would love to get hold of the sheet music ( if available) of some of your songs so that I can sing them with some others. I am particularly interested in " Make Me Your Messenger", " Lord of the Universe", " In The lap Of The Lord", " Come One And All" " Your Sweet, Sweet Love" and " Holy Ground"- these are such beautiful songs, especially with the singing in different voices and harmonies.  I would be very grateful if you could help me. I am also impressed by the CHIDRENS PROJECT TRUST orphanage/school in India where you volunteer every year.  Apart from being a flute teacher I also teach at a primary school ...

Thank you for your music, hope to hear from you !

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Hi Ladd,
Thanks for saying hi to me last night in an email...and for sharing your music with me. Your songs are so different and inspiring!  Glad to hear you believe in angels too. You are shining your light in such a beautiful way.

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Still one of Ladd's greatest fans!


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Hi Ladd,

I just wanted to say hello. I was listening to your CD and saw that you had a website. I thought we were only being blessed through your anointed music ministry but I see that you are doing a great missionary ministry all around the world. Keep up the good work and my prayers will be with you and your ministry. Love, Hattie

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Dear Ladd,

I have recently felt the call to greater service, and think it is about sharing the message. You do this beautifully in your music. I hope to find the clarity and purpose that you express.

Make Me Your Messenger sings to me;  I love the swaying gospel beat in Gonna Give my Life to the Lord and God's Love has the Power to Heal; God Will Make a Way gives me hope; I am grounded and supported on Holy Ground; Love truly is the Answer. May you always Shine On I love the harmonies in YOUR HEALING LOVE. It seems like the voices dance around and through each other, combining and rising upward to heaven.

Very beautiful work Ladd!

You and your music are beautiful.

Love and Blessings for all you do and all you are


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Dear Ladd,

Just finished listening to "The Grace of the Lord" and love it. One of my best [birthday] gifts ever!


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Dear Ladd,

Good works always in all ways.
Hands that help are holier than lips that pray and to do both ! Wow!
You do both with your music and actions.


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Dear Ladd,

I enjoy your nourishing music! You have a wonderful music mission in progress. Looking forward to learning more about the orphanage/school you volunteer at in India.  Susan

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Congratulations Ladd!

Your song, "God Will Make A Way", should be listed as a finalist with the Independent Music Awards because it is FANTASTIC, BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRING and AWESOME! I hope it soars high and keeps on movin' up. I'm so proud of you and I love you! :-) Suzy

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Greetings Ladd,
     I finally got the time to listen to the beautiful music on the CD you gave me.  Thank you so much.  It is very peaceful and calming.  It will go with us this summer as part of our play list while living on our boat.  You do have a wonderful gift.  Thank you for sharing.

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Hi Ladd,

You have been in my thoughts and prayers a lot recently.  I feel very connected to you through your music which is a daily and integral part of my spiritual life. I am now hooked on The Grace of the Lord and cannot stop listening to it. It is a form of prayer for me I just sing along in praise to HIM. I feel as if they are my words and feelings and they could not be expressed more divinely or lovingly. I hope there is more music be channeled through you as we speak. I need more!!! My body is returning to "normal" and I am feeling great! I just want to share all of my blessings to so many that are awakening and struggling just like you do through your music. Your music has been instrumental to all aspects of my healing process. I would like to buy a few more copies of Love Songs to God if that is possible. My copy is skipping from overplaying I suppose and I still have some to share it with as my community expands. I will order The Grace of the Lord from the website. I hope that you are doing well and are in "The Grace of the Lord". There is no better place to be!

Love & Blessings, Rita

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Dear Ladd,

Blessed growing, flowing and glowing ... in the lap of the Lord!


Today and every day

Thank you for your music and being God's instrument, 

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